2019 Goals and Personal Recap {Kansas City, Missouri} Photographer

Wow! I can not believe how fast 2018 went.  Sounds cliché  but seriously!  A lot of my goals for this year are actually repeats of last year!   It was just so busy (business, mom life, just life) who am I kidding. That’s my only excuse.  🙂

Before I get to my actual goals for 2019 (and I will, because once they are out on the inter webs, I have to do them, right?!)  I want to share a few highlights of our year.

First, I photographed 90 newborn sessions in 2018. It didn’t feel like that many! Love Love Love all these babies!!

My oldest daughter made high school cheer (she will KILL me for sharing this picture!)

We had a wonderful trip to the beach. It was the 3 littles first time seeing the ocean!

We went to the pool, and spent a lot of time outside! A lot!

Went to Wichita, both to the zoo and Tanganyika wild life park. Which, if you haven’t been, I HIGHLY recommend it.  It’s just a few hours from Kansas City, and totally worth it! Pricy, but worth it!

Some other odd and ends stuff that I happened to get pictures of. (I’m TERRIBLE about photographing my own children!)

Fall was kind of a blur. With all the family shoots, taking 3 kids to soccer practice, going to high school football games, going to actuall soccer games! So no pics from fall! Maybe that can be one of my goals for next year! Oh, I do have this gem from Halloween!

and then we have Christmas. I don’t have many photos from Christmas either, I was trying to be “Present”

Now, on to business goals

  1. Blog more. I say this every year. I start out fine, then it just tapers off. It’s just SO time consuming.  If you’re a blogger and have any tips, PLEASE message me. I’m practically begging.
  2. Start Teaching/Mentoring. Not many details on this yet, but if you’re interested. Feel free to reach out and we can work something out.
  3. Keep my turn around time under 10 days. Less stress for me, and you get to see your photos faster, WIN/WIN. No promises on this, because…Life. But I’m sure going to try!
  4. Make a promo video.  I’ll blog about this again. but if you want a totally free/full newborn session- keep an eye out for details.
  5. Offer More mini sessions!  Glitter Mini’s – Coming soon!  Valentines day – Also soon! Easter, Fruit baths and 4th of July in the summer!  And of course our annual Christmas Sessions.

I think that’s it!  If you’ve made it this far, Thank you for reading 🙂

Lots of Love! and Happy 2019!!!!