Meet Jessica

I was born in Minneapolis, but raised here in south Johnson County, Kansas. I am a momma to four beautiful girls, a dog and a cat! I fell in love with photography many years ago and like to think that I will never stop growing as an artist. Today, I’m proud to be a top Kansas City newborn photographer and have been photographing Kansas City’s newest residents since 2011. I call myself a “Hybrid Photographer” because my sessions include a small mix of your traditional sit and smile photos (ya know, for Grandma!) and a larger selection of fun, candid photos that capture genuine emotion (which is how I love to remember my own family!)

Not a huge fan of sitting in-front of the camera all awkward like and smiling on command?! No worries, I try my hardest to make a loving, friendly, fun environment for everyone. It is my hope that at the end of your session you say “Dang, That was fun!”

Favorite Quote: “As long as you’ve got passion, faith, and work hard, You can do anything you want in this life.”

Some Fun Facts about me:
-I love food, coffee and wine.
-I am extremely OCD about my house being clean but not so much my car.
-I love music and sing a lot! (sorry in advance!)
-I also work as a substitute teacher.
-I’m only 5ft tall.
-Yellow is my favorite color.