Christmas Mini Information


Can you believe it’s already that time!  This year flew by.  Here is the information on my 4th annual donation based Christmas Mini sessions.   If you are a past client, you know where the money from this goes.  If not, here is a short run down : Every year, I donate my time (lots and lots and lots of it!) and purchase all of the props to make this happen. Every year we are able to sponsor more and more foster children. It’s wonderful!  What does “Sponsoring foster children at Christmas time” mean?  It means I contact KVC and request X number of children. (Teenagers need the most sponsors.)  They will then send me the first name, gender, age and a complete Christmas list  that comes directly from the child.  I (we) then become their sponsors.


Here is what you need to do if you are interested in a spot.  Please start by reading this entire post, following these directions and… I have to say it, Please do not book a time unless you plan on showing up.  (I do understand things happen!)

  1. Email me  ( with your top 3 times if you want a session. The times are listed below and will be updated with your initials as they fill.
  2. Put it in your calendar
  3. Bring your kids dressed and ready to go.  If you want to bring a present for them to open, gold or silver wrapping paper will be best. (or a bag if you have little ones)
  4. The money will be collected at the session. Cash is preferred. The recommended minimum donation is $60.
  5. wait a few days (maybe a week) for me to edit the photos and return them to you.
  6. follow me on FB or Instagram to stay updated on how many foster children we were able to sponsor.  The shopping that happens, the sorting, and the best part, the delivery of all gifts purchased.
  7.  Wait, and do it all over again next year!

Bonus:  Want to know why I do this every year?  This year, you’ll find out!

Here is what the setup will look like.

Pretty, right?  I think so! It may change a little bit but the gold, silver, white, theme will stay the same.

Available times are as follows:

9:ooam – LB                                      10:00am- LC                              11:00am-BJ

9:10am – SR                                      10:10am-EK                                11:10am-HR

9:20am- AW                                     10:20am-LK                               11:20am-MH

9:30am – ML                                     10:30am-JR                               11:30am-JJ

9:40am – AH                                     10:40am-JA                               11:40am-RH

9:50am – JC                                       10: 50am- KB                             11:50- CD      



12:10pm- 1:30pm – Lunch Break


1:30 pm-MC            2:00pm-JR                      3:00pm- KM                   4:00pm – AB     

1:40pm-LB               2:10pm- SF                      3:10pm-KS                      4:10pm- AR      

1:50pm- AD             2:20pm- EC                     3:20pm- AP                     4:20pm- KB    

                                    2:30pm-LW                    3:30pm- NN                    4:30pm-JF       

                                    2: 40pm-AH                    3:40pm –                           4:40pm- JC

                                    2:50pm-AH                     3:50pm- EK                     4:50pm-KC   


I know you’re asking yourself these questions….

Will 10 minutes be enough time?   Yes.

What if my kid is crying?   well, you get to send out adorable crying Christmas cards. (No re-shoots.)  (Still only 10 minutes) 

Can parents be added in?   If you wish. Only for 1 shot, as it will be a pretty tight fit. 

What if i’m late?  I don’t recommend it. but I don’t recommend being super early either.  Please try to arrive as close to your time as you can.  This helps the process go much smoother.

What if I want to book more than one time?  Please consider doubling your donation. 

Will you have more days available? No.  I have 4 kids. I like them. (I like you too!) but,  they call me Mom. 🙂 

I think that’s all for now!  Thank you so much for reading, and considering these Christmas mini sessions. I know you have lots of options!!

Love, Jessica

PS: By booking a time you promise to have read all of this super long annoying post, and agree to everything stated.  Here is my email address again just in case :