Deciding What To Wear For Family Photos

Deciding what to wear for family photos can feel like an overwhelming, daunting task. It doesn’t have to be. The easiest thing you can do is ask your photographer if they provide any kind of guide you can use. Their guide should include colors that not only look good when being photographed, but also fit their editing style.

The image above is a page out of Amy own style guide. I change this based on the season, but you can see I don’t have any true red or blue. This is because they don’t fit well with my editing and they color cast on skin. (Making the skin look too blue or too red of those being photographed.)

If your photographer doesn’t provide a guide, here are some helpful tips:

  1. Choose a color scheme- Think coordinating, not matching. Typically I would start with a dress (or shirt) that has the most variety of colors, and then plan everyone else’s outfits around that. For the mood board below, I started with the dress on the top right, and picked colors out of it to complete the look for the family.

2. Consider the setting: Think about the typical work you see from your photographer. Will your session take place in a studio or out doors? Let’s say it’s spring time, and your session is outside you likely don’t want to choose a dark green for any of your outfits because the grass and trees already provide so much green. If you’re in a studio setting or a park, neutral and earth tones tend to look best. If you’re taking photos downtown or near buildings- brighter, bolder colors (even blacks and grays) will look amazing.

3. Dress for the weather. My guide talks a lot about layering! This not only completes the look, but it also allows you to strip layers if you get warm. The photo below was taken in mid spring. It was pretty warm during the day, but got cooler as the session went on. You can see Mom has a cardigan over her dress, and baby has a bonnet and is wrapped in a light blanket.

4. Always avoid logos and busy patterns. Such as – tiny plaid, lots of heart, very small stripes.

5. Do NOT match. Even if you have twins, go with the coordinating not matching rule.

6. Don’t forget about shoes and accessories. Always Avoid gym shoes 100% of the time. Are you are in the studio? consider going barefoot. For the accessories, amazon has great options for inexpensive rings and bracelets that look great in photos.

When deciding what to wear for family photos, it is important to consider the color scheme, setting and weather. Use the tips listed above as a guide and feel free to reach out if you have any questions! I hope this helps!