Documenting Every day Moments. {Kansas City} Lifestyle Photography.

Lifestyle Photography. It’s so under rated! Why wouldn’t you want to look back in 1,5,10 or 20 years and remember your family in the house lived in. Doing the things you do every day? Aren’t these the memories we all want when our kids are grown?

Soon, you are no longer reading to them.

They are reading to you, and then to just themselves. Because they don’t need ‘help’ anymore. (I know from experience!)

Do you have all those sweet slobbery baby kisses saved in your memory?

How about one on one time with Dad?

Or the sink baths, that are so cute and so fun, but they out grow so quickly!

So Here I leave you with this question. Do you have every day, ‘nothing special’, day to day things you do every day documented? Do you want to remember the season of life you’re currently in? I think the answer is yes. 🙂

Trust me.