Capturing Gratitude: Tips on Getting Great Pics this Thanksgiving

As Thanksgiving approaches, we’re gearing up for a season filled with lots of family time, and amazing photo opportunities. These holidays are timeless and important, so what better way to freeze those moments in time than through the magic of photography? I have some tips on getting great pics this Thanksgiving

Preparing Your Gear: Getting Camera-Ready

Trust me, the time to prep your gear is not the day you want to take your pictures. Check those batteries, load up on memory cards, and don’t forget the tripod! We’re about to create visual treasures and wouldn’t want to miss a single shot.

If you’re not someone who uses a camera, you can actually get a great shot on an iPhone. So get a full battery, and download an editing app that will let you work with your pictures. And maybe even prep for the day by watching some Youtube or TikToks on how to get a good picture on your iPhone!

Setting the Scene

Some families may go all out with Fall decor on Thanksgiving, while others may lean into the Football side of things and show up in their jerseys! Whatever YOUR family vibe is- set it! 

The aesthetic of Thanksgiving is warm, cozy, and relaxing. So use that aesthetic in your images too. 

Seek out those cozy corners where the sunlight comes in at an angle through the window. 

Look for the glow of candles on the table, and position your subjects all around that. 

Since the sun tends to set earlier this time of year, grab some golden hour photos outside, and that light will bounce perfectly off the crisp leaves! 

Let the ambiance and style of the day do half the work for you.

The heart of Thanksgiving lies in the kitchen, where the sizzles, laughter, and sometimes screaming— create a unique melody. So get in there! Tips on getting great pics this Thanksgiving involve capturing the chefs in action, showcasing the teamwork, and embracing the challenge of varying lighting conditions – your photos will tell the story of family joy.

Real Smiles Are the Best Smiles

Thanksgiving is all about genuine laughter, spontaneous hugs, and those unscripted moments that your family laughs about all year. Because you can’t pose those moments— you’ve got to be a photo ninja. Try to blend into the background, and let the magic unfold in front of your lens. (Oh, and don’t forget that wide aperture for dreamy background bliss!)

That’s not to say you can’t arrange your family together for a perfectly posed pic! But don’t get so bogged down in trying to get the “perfect” moments that you miss the real.

It’s All in the Little Things

Another tip on getting great pics this Thanksgiving? Zoom in on those mouth-watering dishes, the intricate table settings, and the tiny, but significant, details that make Thanksgiving uniquely yours. Macro lenses, it’s your time to shine!

You’re always going to remember who was at the party, but you might not remember the little crumbs on the highchair from your niece, your grandparents holding hands, or how your cousin painted turkeys on her fingernails. These little things are a trademark of my photography– ESPECIALLY the newborn sessions. I’m a big believer that big meaning comes from the smallest moments. 

As we wrap up our photographic journey, take a moment to reflect on the joy of capturing Thanksgiving memories. Encourage your fellow photographers to join in the fun, and may your Thanksgiving be filled with happiness, and gratitude, with a camera always at the ready. Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! ????????