Why You Need to Book Fall Family Pictures in the Summer

Hey there, families!

As a photographer who loves capturing all things family moments, I’m here to share a little insider tip with you: if you want photos this year filled with vibrant colors and cozy vibes, you should book your session before the fall season even begins. Trust me, I’ve been doing this for a while, and fall sessions ALWAYS book early. Booking your family pictures in the summer to prepare is the best way to ensure your photos turn out exactly as you envision.

Book on the Perfect Date

Fall is hands down the most popular time for family photos. Everyone wants to take advantage of the beautiful colors and mild weather. (Especially in Kansas- a break from that heat is SO needed after the summer season.) This means photographers’ schedules fill up fast. By booking your session before fall starts, you get first dibs on the best dates and times. Early booking means more options to choose a date that works best for your family’s busy schedule.

Beat the Weather Blues

Fall weather is gorgeous, but it can also be a bit unpredictable. By planning your session ahead of time, we can keep an eye on the forecast and aim for a day with the best conditions. Plus, if we need to reschedule due to unexpected rain or wind, having an early booking gives us more flexibility to find an alternate date that works.

Plan Every Detail

Booking early gives us plenty of time to plan every aspect of your shoot. We can discuss locations, outfits, and any special ideas you have in mind. Want to include your dog in the photos? Or maybe you have a particular family heirloom or antique you’d like to feature? The extra time allows us to incorporate these personal touches seamlessly.

Wardrobe Wonders

One of the best parts of fall photos is the fashion—think coordinating scarves, stylish boots, and layers that add texture and warmth to your pictures. By booking early, you have plenty of time to plan and shop for the perfect outfits. You can take advantage of end-of-summer sales and even have time to try on different looks to see what works best.

Relax and Enjoy Summer

When fall finally arrives, it’s filled with activities—pumpkin patches, Halloween, Thanksgiving. You just closed out on a summer of swimming pools, beaches and parks. Putting a date on the calendar ahead of time is important so you can kick back and enjoy the leisure season knowing you have a future date set for capturing your sweet family! Beat the heat and dream of cooler weather by booking your fall family photo shoot now!